Redang – Pangkor – Perhentian


Redang Island (Pulau Redang)

From the very beginning the island impresses with its incredible beauty; blue sea, white crystalline sand, hills with lavish jungles remind pictures of  childhood dreams. The island, admitted by many as a snorkeling and scuba-diving haven, is famous for its richness of the underwater world amidst of numerous reefs, many of them are just within a few dozen meters away from the shore;  noteworthy Mushroom Coral is the largest in the world coral of 300 m diameter and of 20 m height! The impressive coral reef makes swimming and snorkeling as the most popular way of enjoyment. In August and September, you can also witness the hawksbill turtle migration. The island offers 31 dive sites, unforgettable walking along the fascinating Long Beach of 800 m long, and jungle trekking. Here, you can arrive by plane, just make sure to arrange it in advance.

Perhentian Island (Pulau Perhentian)

Perhentian islands uncover crystal clear waters of vast sea along with white blissful beaches surrounded with palm trees. According to famous news agency CNN’s survey, beach of Perhentian Kecil won 13th place of the World’s 100 best beaches. On this island there are many hostels and cafes where in the evening you can sit back in a cozy environment and close-to-nature surrounding.

Neighboring Perhentian Besar island is the perfect place for untouched nature seekers and sea lovers. The local hotels offer more comfortable accommodation comparing to other Perhentian islands.

Main mean of transportation on the island is water taxi that is offered by most of hotels. Entertainments here are banana ride and canoe.

Perhentian with about 21 dive sites has become the popular scuba-diving and snorkeling retreat to travelers in Malaysia. All of the dive sites are differ from one another while diving is suitable for both beginners and a professionals since shallow and warm waters invite here many rays, cuttlefishes, parrotfishes and the like to make the underwater world with coral reefs unbelievably marvelous! Many would say that no tour in Malaysia would be complete without giving Perhentian Islands a visit.

Pangkor Island (Pulau Pangkor)

Pangkor island is the most popular tropical hotspots in Malaysia for its real-life harmony of beautiful beaches, tall coconut palms, pristine sea waters and amazing coastline with numerous small bays. This incredible and paradise island is one of the most visited and famous destinations in Malaysia.

The most part of the island belongs to lavish jungles while the rest is taken by small fishing villages with wooden huts and numerous great resorts scattered along the coastline.

Main natural attractions include Pangkor Forest Reserve, the home for deers, toucans and monkeys, and Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary, which boats with nearly 100 species of birds and animals, and Turtle Bay, where giant sea turtles come to lay eggs. Also, the must see is Tiger rock which inspired for many legends, beautiful beach Pasir Giam offers a walk to the Giam island at low tides, and a small marine reserve Teluk Nipah surrounded with gorgeous coral reef.