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Educational Tourism

Those applicants, who have an intention to obtain the high-quality education,  have been increasingly consider Malaysia as an opportunity of the high international standards of education and of both tuition & living cheap cost.

Maintaining of international standards of education has been closely monitored by the Ministry of Education Malaysia.

In short, the advantages of studying in Malaysia are as follows:

+ Internationally recognized teaching standards

+ High academic reputation of universities

+ Well-equipped training facilities of universities

+ Teaching in English

+ Low fees for tuition and accommodation

+ Developed infrastructure

+ Simple immigration rules

+ Comfortable weather

+ Opportunity to know different cultures

+ Integration with the international scientific and business environment

+ Globalization of professional relations and contacts

+ Political stability in the country

+ Widespread use of English among local population

Popular areas of study:

  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Design and Architecture
  • Business Management
  • Hospitality and Catering

1 Language courses

English language schools are well developed in Malaysia and Singapore, where English is spoken by the majority of urban population.

To name few of them:

  • Cambridge English For Life
  • ELS Language Centres
  • Learn4Good
  • The Inspired English Centre

There is also a growing demand for Chinese language learning.

All courses are flexible in both duration and content, while the program duration usually ranges from 1 to 4 weeks.

2 Short-term special programs

Programs from one week to two years (in the latter case they can be equivalent to the Russian vocational education) are designed to gain practical knowledge and skills.

3 Higher Education

Affiliation programs between Malaysian and foreign universities as well as Malaysian branches of famous UK, US,  Australian and other universities have been offering to students an opportunity to get the prestigious degrees of the best world-known universities, with significantly (up to several times) lower fees compared with Europe or US. Ironically, a Master degree in Malaysia for Russian students may be cheaper and more promising option than tuition and accommodation in Moscow.

Visit the Forbes article link (in Russian language) with the cost effectiveness of training in the Malaysian branch of the British University of Nottingham.

Moreover, compliance with international standards allows universities, if necessary, to successfully transfer a student’s credits to other universities allowing to continue his/her studies in countries such as the UK, US, Australia etc.

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