Medical Tourism

The high level of health services and the excellent medical care of Malaysia has been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Malaysia has gained sufficient experience in rendering high quality medical care services of international standards for tourists purposefully coming to Malaysia for a health treatment.

Spa Centers

More than 300 spa-centers, allowing to refresh your mind and body are located almost across Malaysia as either the separate showrooms or as part of a range of services offered by the hotel. What all of them have in common is a high quality of services that can be complemented by aromatherapy, massage, sauna, swimming pool, whirlpool, fitness room, beauty treatments, and special programs for women and men, etc.

Please contact Fun and Sun Holidays travel agency and get help in choosing the best spa!

Health Tours

The highly developed medical tourism, being regulated by the federal laws, attracts thousands of foreigners into the country. For example, in 2013 Malaysia has been visited by more than 770 thousand foreign patients seeking medical treatment here. They are attracted both with the wide range of medical services of international standards, and the affordable cost which is much lower than in the USA, Israel or Germany.

Fun and Sun Holidays travel agency has partnership with health centers in order to develop and offer the medical tourist packages.

The range of medical services is rather wide but most popular among them are:

  • Health Screening (Male and Female)
    • The most popular programs are Part Screening and Full Screening, and also Check Up etc. Therefore Fun and Sun Holidays offers the following Health Screening package:
  • Cosmetic Dentistry (Teeth whitening, tooth bonding, composite veneer etc.)
  • Cardiology
  • Orthopedics
  • In-Vitro Fertilization Laboratory
  • Oncology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Ophthalmology

Medical tourism by Fun and Sun Holidays travel agency

  1. Careful assigning of the attending medical doctor

Despite the fact that all medical centers in Malaysia are well-equipped with modern and high-tech equipment, the successful medical treatment may also depend on choosing the right doctor. This, along with individual attention depending on the treatment nature facilitated with Fun and Sun Holidays travel agency, will result in more successful treatment and recovery of your health.

  1. Appointment with doctors

Your appointment with doctors is to be planned in advance, to meet both your availability and work hours of a physician.

  1. Accompanying and interpretation

In most cases, it will be more effective if you will be accompanied by an interpreter who will facilitate your communication with your doctor in the most efficient way. Such support does not only speed up the medical examination and treatment, but also increases quality of communication and reduces stress which is usually experienced by patients. Interpretation of your communication with your doctor is invaluable if you do not properly speak foreign language.

  1. Translation of medical documents

Initial documents (medical examination or treatment results, tests, diagnostics etc.) can be translated by Fun and Sun Holidays travel agency in advance, before your meet with your doctor, as well as after the treatment is over when it is necessary to look through a medical report by the attending doctor.

  1. An entry visa assistance

Malaysia offers the visa-free entry for Russian citizens for up to 30 days what makes it possible to visit the country in easiest and comfortable way.

  1. Meeting you in the airport, assistance in the organizing a medical tour

Fun and Sun Holidays travel agency organizes meeting you in the airport and, if necessary, with following immediate hospitalization to a medical facility.

Despite of the fact that the main purpose of visiting Malaysia is a medical treatment, nevertheless the medical tour program may also include a tour to either Kuala Lumpur or Malaysian travel site(s). Assistance by Fun and Sun Holidays travel agency such as hotel booking and tour arrangement is free of charge.